At the Venice Film Festival for the first time the soap

Festival Artistic Director Alberto Barbera said that the series with the use of advanced technology has become a source of inspiration, creative search and cinema experiments

At the 71st Venice Film Festival on Monday, the premiere of the television series “Olive Kittridzh» (Olive Kitteridge). On the world’s oldest show of this practice resorted first time, although in recent years the premiere television production at leading film festivals are not new.
Four series, 55 minutes each, took acknowledged Lisa Cholodenko American film director, famous painting “The Kids Are All Right” with Julianne Moore in the title role. The basis of the novel went to Elizabeth Strout, Pulitzer Prize-winning, about a school teacher from a small provincial town.

Starring American actress Frances McDormand, wife of one of the Coen brothers – Joel. Its track record, in addition to roles in films wife – “Blood Simple,” “Fargo,” “Burn after reading” – great acting work, for which she was repeatedly nominated for “Oscar” and other prestigious film awards. Its treasury is replenished with a special prize “Pearsall” for “talent in the visual arts,” which she was presented with before the show.

The series made a leading company engaged in television production, HBO, with the participation of the producer Tom Hanks. Released in America and Europe, it should come out in the next season.

As pointed out by the artistic director of the Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barbera, television series, created by using advanced technology, have become “a real source of inspiration and creative research, and cinema experiments.”

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