The film “Serena” will be shown at the London Film Festival

During the 58th London Film Festival will show films “Serena”. This film adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Ron Rasch.

Starring the winner of the award “Oscar” and Jennifer Lawrence nominated for “Oscar” Bradley Cooper. As for the director, they also became the Oscar winner Susanne Bier. Lawrence and Cooper work together not for the first time, before they were shot in the films of David Russell’s “My boyfriend – crazy” and “scam in American.” The film “Serena” will be presented at the festival on October 13 in cinemas in Russia tape released on 30 October.

London Film Festival cchitaetsya one of the biggest and most influential. During the Film Forum held screenings of more than 300 films from 50 countries. The film “Serena” will appeal to all fans of “Gone With the Wind” and “The Great Gatsby.” The film unfolds a beautiful love story against the backdrop of the American Great Depression. In the story, Serena marries a successful industrialist George Pemberton. It would seem that they will have a long and happy life. But the past and jealousy get in the way of their marriage.

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